2021 Year End Thank You And Review

On the last day of 2021, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Penny Forward over the past year. We’ve accomplished a lot, and, with your continued help, I’m looking forward to accomplishing even more in 2022.


As many of you know, I launched the pennyforward.com web site in early 2020 by publishing a five part series on ABLE accounts. That series remains accurate today, and was updated and republished in December, 2021. The COVID19 pandemic distracted me personally and professionally, and I didn’t returned to Penny Forward until January 2021 when I began working on the Penny Forward Podcast with the help of Byron Lee at superblink.org


We’ve released 36 Penny Forward Podcast episodes since February 1st, 2021, and have received over 5000 downloads. In the second half of 2021, we added full-text transcription, with the help of Anne Verduin, and welcomed Liz Bottner as a co-host and member of our production team. We also produced two very successful collaborations with the Pride Connection radio show and Eyes Free Sports podcast. We’re looking forward to releasing even more great episodes and collaborating with more podcast producers in 2022.


We also partnered with ACB Next Generation to launch Financial Sense¢, a monthly community event focusing on personal finance from a younger perspective. These events have consistently enjoyed a 10 – 20 person Zoom audience and have covered topics such as budgeting, credit scores and credit reports, savings and investment accounts, and ABLE accounts. We look forward to continuing these events in 2022, and to partnering with other organizations to offer other educational events.


Our outreach hasn’t stopped there, though. We’ve also appeared at the American Council Of The Blind and National Federation Of The Blind national conventions, the American Council Of The Blind Oregon state convention, on Freedom Scientific’s FSCast podcast, an ABLE National Resource Center webinar and Able To Save podcast episode, and a World Services For The Blind blog post and webinar. We look forward to more appearances in 2022.


Finally, we formed a founding board of directors and incorporated as a Minnesota nonprofit organization in September, 2021. We’re currently waiting for the IRS to approve our application for 501(C)(3) federal tax-exempt status, and have been working hard to create a curriculum and define our programs. We look forward to releasing more information, and director bios, in 2022. Until then, please consider donating your time or money if you feel, as we do, that blind people need accessible and affordable financial education so we can confidently take advantage of rare opportunities, weather hard times, and generously support causes we deeply care about.

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