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Chris Peterson
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Penny Forward Podcast S2022E1 A User Manual For Vision Loss

Posted in Blindness Resources, Disability, Podcast Episodes, Side Gigs, and Small Business

Our first guest of 2022 is Trina Wyldeman. Trina‚Äôs mother, Gloria Riley, passed away in late summer, 2021, shortly before the release of her book,…

Penny Forward Financial Needs Survey

Posted in Blindness Resources, and Personal Finance

Your input is very important to us. If you have trouble filling out this survey, please email pennyforward@pennyforward.com and we’ll do our best to help…

Penny Forward Transcript S2E12 Conventional Success

Posted in Blindness Resources, Career, Personal Finance, Podcast Episodes, Podcast Transcripts, and social security

Janet: I love being convention coordinator. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and it’s such a worthwhile organization. I’m so happy that I can be…

Penny Forward Podcast S2E12 Conventional Success

Posted in Blindness Resources, Career, Podcast Episodes, Retirement, and social security

The American Council of the blind and National Federation of the blind both hold national conventions every year in mid summer, and both conventions are…