The System Is Broken. Can We Fix It?

Kirk: I was born sighted, and when I was in kindergarten, both my retinas detached, so I became blind just over night, really. Within a couple days. I was the only blind student in any school I attended after third grade. I got an academic scholarship to a small school, Whitman college in Walla Walla, … Read more

Penny Forward Transcript Episode 31 Eric Yarberry

The Penny Forward podcast is transcribed by Anne Verduin, a blind transcriber living in Portland Oregon who charges competitive rates. To hire Anne to transcribe your podcast, give her a call at 971-346-0973.   Transcribing is a time-consuming process and we believe that every member of our production staff deserves to be compensated for their … Read more

Content Creators Café

Chris Peterson, founder of Penny Forward and host of the Penny Forward podcast, will participate in an interactive panel discussion at the American Council of the Blind’s national convention on Tuesday, July 20th, from 5:30 PM ET to 6:45 PM ET.   Join a diverse group of content creator panelists to learn the ins and … Read more

He was losing money until he made one change

Many people realize they have money problems and find ways out of them by themselves. Others seek help from software, a trusted friend, or professional financial coach. A member of the Penny Forward Facebook group told us this story about getting control of his finances using software. Over the years, managing finances has caused me … Read more

Cleaning Up After a Divorce

A member of the Penny Forward Facebook group posted this story about cleaning up her finances after her divorce. This story is, unfortunately, all too common. It’s important for couples to communicate early and often about their finances. A trusted friend or financial professional can help you clean up after a situation like this, or … Read more