Methods For Paying Down Debt

It’s common for people to resolve to start something new that improves their life at the beginning of a new year. In our December Financial Sense¢ call, we asked our students to tell us about their New Years resolutions for 2022. We’ll be covering some of their most common responses, and ways to achieve them, … Read more

2021 Year End Thank You And Review

On the last day of 2021, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Penny Forward over the past year. We’ve accomplished a lot, and, with your continued help, I’m looking forward to accomplishing even more in 2022.   As many of you know, I launched the web site in … Read more

Penny Forward Transcript S2E13 Holliday Budgeting Tips

Liz: Whatever you decide to do for the holidays, it should just be about showing appreciation to your loved ones, your family, your friends, it’s about the memory. And about the experience. And that doesn’t have a budget.     The Penny Forward podcast is transcribed by Anne Verduin, a blind transcriber living in Portland … Read more

Penny Forward Transcript S2E11 Eating Healthy On A Budget

Chris: Does healthy eating need to be expensive?   Marana: Eating healthy on a budget is certainly doable. It does take more planning, it does take more forethought, and you have to be willing to, to cook at home as well. And studies have shown that we consume 20 to 40 percent fewer calories whenever … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast S2E10 Building Wealth With A Financial Planner

When it comes to saving, investing, and planning for the future, do you ever find yourself wondering whether you should do it yourself or ask someone else for help? It's a difficult decision to make, and we often don't ask someone for help until we've made mistakes that make us feel ashamed and embarrassed about … Read more