Penny Forward Podcast Episode 4 Billy and Nancy Irwin

Episode Notes In part one of a two part series, Billy and Nancy Irwin tell us what it’s like for them to start a marriage, build careers, and buy their first home as a blind couple during the COVID19 pandemic. Support Penny Forward by contributing to their Tip Jar:

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 3 Melvin Reynolds, CTA, CATA

Episode Notes Melvin is a certified travel advisor, certified accessible travel advocate, and Alaskan certified expert. After losing his vision 18 years ago, Melvin was tired of not being productive and not using the skills he had learned in the past. He had been looking for a way to use his geography degree as well … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 2 Gina Marie Applebee

Episode Notes Gina was a totally blind PhD student working as a figure model with a dream of living independently while getting priced out of her beloved home city, Charleston, S C. She decided to solve this problem by building a tiny home. Over three years later, this is her story.

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 1 Michael Malver

Episode Notes Michael Malver is a sort of guy who logically knows he’s done some things that might be kind of neat, and will occasionally tell you about them if you give him a couple of beers or a rum and Coke, but who mostly stays to himself and enjoys the company of a few … Read more