Penny Forward Podcast Episode 24 Try Assistive Technology Before You Buy

This week’s episode of the Penny Forward podcast follows up on our interview with Laurie Schaller in episode 21. In that episode, Laurie talked about low interest assistive technology loans that are available in most states. This week, we talk about ways to try assistive technology before you buy, so you make sure you’re spending your money wisely.
Speakers include Byron Lee, Liz Bottner, Bill Boules, Rachel Schroeder, and Amena Thomas.
Resources mentioned include:
The Blind Life:
Blind Bargains Podcasts:
Minnesota STAR Program:
Illinois Assistive Technology Program:
VA Blind and Low Vision Rehabilitation:
Ability Tools:
 AT3 Center:
Association Of Blind Citizens Assistive Technology Fund:
APH VisionAware:
Field of Vision with Bill Boules:
I Can Connect:
Speaker contact information:
Byron Lee:
Amena Thomas:
Rachel Schroeder:
Bill Boules: contact form on
Chris Peterson:

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