Accessible Resources To Prevent Identity Theft

Eva: When someone other than you uses your identity information to monetize it, get goods or services, or simply act like you, that’s an identity crime.       The Penny Forward podcast is transcribed by Anne Verduin, a blind transcriber living in Portland Oregon who charges competitive rates. To hire Anne to transcribe your … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 5 The Avenue To Success

We want to know how to make, keep, and grow money on the Penny Forward podcast, and making money usually involves finding a job, or starting a business. Ron Brooks has done both, and we invited him on to learn how he did it, and what he thinks it takes for other blind people to … Read more

Penny Forward Founder Chris Peterson Featured on ABLE National Resource Center’s ABLE to Save Podcast

Penny Forward founder Chris Peterson was featured on a recent episode of the ABLE to Save podcast from the ABLE National Resource Center. Chris feels that ABLE accounts can be a powerful tool for blind people to build wealth that can be used to weather hard times, take advantage of rare opportunities, and support causes … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 4 Healing Through Healing

What is the hardest part of starting a business? For Leena Ann Solusar, it was the fear that it was wrong to charge for her services. We wanted to learn how Leena overcame that fear, so we invited her on to tell us how surviving a sexual assault, coming to terms with her sexual orientation, … Read more