What is it about?


The Penny Forward podcast is first and foremost, stories about people who are working toward their own success. Episodes are released weekly and are approximately half an hour long. Most episodes feature an interview with someone who has agreed to share their story in hopes that it will give others hope that they too can succeed, followed by a brief financial tip.


Because Penny Forward’s focus is financial independence, many stories will have a financial component to them. Some guests, for example, tell us about what it’s been like to start a new job or buy their first home. Others may be retired and are devoting their lives to volunteering. No topic is off the table and every success story is important.


We’ll also occasionally interview experts in financial topics of interest to the blind community such as Social Security, ABLE accounts, investing, or home ownership. Information is power, and we’re working to share information that you can trust.


How can I listen?


  • Subscribe by searching for “Penny Forward” using your favorite podcast app.
    • Or manually add the following URL: https://pinecast.com/feed/penny-forward
  • Ask your Alexa-enabled smart speaker to play the podcast “Penny Forward”.
  • Click here to listen to current and past episodes.


How do you find guests?


We’re always looking for more guests. If you’d like to be one of them, please leave us a message at (952) 856-0313 or click here to contact us.


How can I help?


Financial Support



Ratings and Reviews


  • Ratings help spread the word by bringing more attention to the podcast.
  • Reviews help us to improve, making the podcast even more fun to listen too.


Spreading The Word


  • Sharing this page on social media helps spread the word to people who might not yet know about the Penny Forward podcast.
  • Posting about specific episodes you enjoy helps people to know that listening is worth their time.


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