Penny Forward Podcast Episode 23 Gina Marie Applebee

Gina was a totally blind PhD student working as a figure model with a dream of living independently while getting priced out of her beloved home city of Charleston, S C. She decided to solve this problem by building a tiny home. This episode was originally published on February 7th, 2021. Since then, Gina has … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 22 Kaila Allen

Kaila Allen became more interested in money after her family went deep into debt because of a medical emergency. This week, hear her story of tragedy and triumph and how it changed her outlook on her financial life. We also discuss four ways someone can begin to build a good credit history at any age. … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 21 Laurie Schaller

This week, Laurie Schaller, manager of financial empowerment at the National Disability Institute, tells us all about assistive technology loans. Laurie administers alternative financing programs for New York and New Jersey, and tells us that there are similar programs in most states. You won’t want to miss this interview which is packed with information and … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 20 What We’d Like Financial Professionals to Know About Working With Blind Clients

On this special 20th episode of the Penny Forward podcast, members of the Penny Forward community share things we’d like financial professionals to know about working with blind clients. If you are, or know, a financial professional who would benefit from hearing this episode, please share it with them. The Penny Forward podcast is telling … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 19 Maria Kristic

Our guest this week is Maria Kristic. Maria has a BA, MBA, and JD in finance and shares how she built a successful career in corporate finance as a totally blind person. We also discuss how every dollar counts when building your savings. The Penny Forward podcast is telling stories about people like us who … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 18 Lindsay Yazzolino

This week’s guest is Lindsay Yazzolino. Lindsay is an expert in cognitive science and public transit accessibility. She is currently a nonvisual designer for CVS health. She tells us how networking and saying yes to opportunities has been key to her success. We also hear from a listener who shares some financial app recommendations. The … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 17 Eric Yarberry

Our guest this week is Eric Yarberry, director of education and training at World Services for the Blind. Eric is totally blind himself and oversees a number of career training programs at WSB that have helped 85 percent of graduates find meaningful jobs. For more information, visit We also discuss how to avoid identity … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 16 Chris McKnight

This week on the Penny Forward podcast, Chris McKnight, a senior mortgage banker with Bank of England Mortgage, helps us to understand the home buying process. You won’t want to miss this interview whether you’re thinking of buying your first home or you’re ready to upgrade to the home of your dreams,. The Penny Forward … Read more

Penny Forward Podcast Episode 15 Joshua Loya

This week we get to know totally blind adventurer Joshua Loya. Joshua is a multiple time surfing champion, holder of 5 3rd degree black belts, and stand-up comedian and host of the Adventure Mind Podcast. We also discuss some types of risk you may want to consider when making financial decisions. The Penny Forward podcast … Read more