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The Penny Forward podcast is about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. Hosts Chris Peterson and Liz Bottner are blind people learning to be successful in their personal, professional, and financial lives.


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This week, we talk all about investing, and more specifically, sustainable, or ESG, investing, with Penny Forward board member and podcast sponsor Kane Brolin, a blind certified financial planner, and chartered special needs consultant, who may be able to help you, no matter how much you have, or what stage of life you are in. Learn more by visiting or by calling 574-254-7180. Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network. Member Finra SIPC. A registered investment advisor. A full text transcript of this episode can be found at The Penny Forward podcast is about blind people building bright futures one penny at a time. Listen by asking your smart speaker to play the podcast, “Penny Forward”, searching for “Penny Forward” using your favorite podcast app, or by visiting
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